Twitter Claims India, Japan Top Govt Led Information & Removal Requests

New Delhi, NFAPost: Earlier this month, as the tussle between India and Twitter continued, the microblogging platform site Twitter said India was the single largest source of government requests for account information received by the company – totaling 25% of global volume during the July-December 2020 period.

Twitter stated in a blog post that provided an update on its operational transparency that India also ranked second in terms of volume of legal demands for content removal after Japan.

Twitter routinely issues a biannual report in which it shares details on the number of government and legal requests, removal requests and data around accounts actioned for various violations and breach of rules.

In its latest blog post, Twitter said it produced some or all of the requested information in response to 30% of global information requests by governments in the July-December 2020 period.

It is important to note that Twitter has an estimated userbase of 1.75 crore in India.

“India is the single largest source of government information requests, accounting for 25 per cent of the global volume and 15% of the global accounts specified. The second highest volume of information requests originated from the US, comprising 22% of global information requests,” states Twitter.

Twitter said the US submitted the highest volume of global emergency requests (34%), followed by Japan (17%), and South Korea (16%).

During the same reporting period Twitter received 38,524 legal demands to remove content specifying 1,31,933 accounts.

The platform withheld or otherwise removed some or all of the reported content in response to 29% of these global legal demands.

Although there was a reported 9% decrease in the number of legal demands Twitter received, compared to the previous reporting period, these requests sought removal of content from the largest number of accounts ever in a single reporting period, Twitter added.

About 94% of the total global volume of legal demands originated from only five countries (in decreasing order) – Japan, India, Russia, Turkey, and South Korea.

The US-based company said accounts of 199 verified journalists and news outlets from around the world were subject to 361 legal demands – a 26% increase in these requests since the previous reporting period.

Twitter had come under fire over its failure to comply with IT rules in India, despite repeated reminders from the Government.

Twitter recently appointed a Resident Grievance Officer, days after it designated a Chief Compliance Officer, and also released its first India Transparency Report to comply with the new IT rules.

In a recent blog, Twitter said impressions on violative tweets accounted for less than 0.1% of all impressions for tweets globally from July-December 2020. The impressions metric captures the number of views a violative tweet received prior to removal.

During this time, Twitter removed 3.8 million tweets that violated its rules.

About 77% of these received fewer than 100 impressions prior to removal, 17% had received between 100 and 1,000 impressions and 6 per cent of the removed tweets had more than 1,000 impressions.

“Our goal is to improve these numbers over time, taking enforcement action on violative content before it’s even viewed,” Twitter said.

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