Our People, Our Ideas

About us

We are keeping the identity of our lead contributors under wraps.

Targeted harassment and efforts to silence established and independent journalism in parts of Asia is a sad part of modern life.

Some are known in media circles or in their respective industries – all agree to post anonymously.

Articles will be posted here when time allows, on subjects that interest us as individuals or that backs our very loose editorial policy.

Some posts will be original. Others will be posted with the permission of friends elsewhere, in media or in industry, – but always with permission.

Credit will be given where due – this applies too to guest pieces.

As for our page, the design doesn’t interest us. It is basic.

Our words will carry meaning – or they won’t. You decide. You are already here.

Finally – social media. We will not use Facebook. It is not safe. Twitter is not perfect either, but we will maintain an account there.

No other social media will be used.

For those looking to contact us, head to our ‘Contact Us’ page.

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