Korea In Bid To Become Regional LNG Hub

From 2022, in a move being seen by some as an indication of Seoul admitting it has fallen behind in efforts to dominate regional energy trade, South Korea will start to offer tax rebates for shipping firms looking for an LNG bunkering base in north east Asia. To achieve its goal, South Korea’s Democratic PartyContinue reading “Korea In Bid To Become Regional LNG Hub”

Uyghurs To Rally At US Immigration Office

ARLINGTON, VA: Hundreds of protestors, including victims of forced labor, will tomorrow join the East Turkistan National Awakening Movement in Arlington, Virginia, for a rally in front of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Asylum Office at 1525 Wilson Boulevard.  The rally will take place on Friday, August 13th, from 11:00 – 12:30 PM. Demonstrators will call onContinue reading “Uyghurs To Rally At US Immigration Office”

Tanker Hijacked Off UAE Headed To Iran

Just days after two crew members aboard an Israeli-linked UAE-bound tanker were killed in an attack western intelligence agencies later blamed on Iran, a London based maritime security specialist has announced in the past 24 hours that another vessel might have been hijacked off the coast of the United Arab Emirates. Maritime Trade Operations initiallyContinue reading “Tanker Hijacked Off UAE Headed To Iran”

Twitter Claims India, Japan Top Govt Led Information & Removal Requests

New Delhi, NFAPost: Earlier this month, as the tussle between India and Twitter continued, the microblogging platform site Twitter said India was the single largest source of government requests for account information received by the company – totaling 25% of global volume during the July-December 2020 period. Twitter stated in a blog post that providedContinue reading “Twitter Claims India, Japan Top Govt Led Information & Removal Requests”